hamam soap ad cast

hamam soap ad cast

Hamam soap is one of the most popular brands in India, and its advertising campaigns are extremely successful at promoting women’s empowerment.

In their recent ad campaign performed by Hamam soap ad cast of Manasvi Kottachi and Mekha Rajan, they emphasized the need for everyone to be compassionate towards others amid the pandemic.

Recently, the Hamam soap ad has been getting a lot of attention and has become popular online. Netizens are curious about the Hamam soap ad cast, so here are the details:

Hamam Soap Ad Plot:

An ad portrayed the Hamam soap ad cast of mother and daughter waiting at an intersection in a market. The mother spots two men teasing another girl.

Shyly, her daughter walked by without a reaction. This made her mother furious, who instead of allowing her daughter to be a passenger on the scooter, made her chase it as fast as she could.

At last, she advises her daughter not to be afraid of anything, since as a woman she will have to fight against many challenges. She advises her to stand up for herself, and if anyone steps out of line she should take charge and fight back.


The Hamam soap ad mother actress’s name is Mekha Rajan. Read on to find out more about her.

Mekha Rajan :


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Hamam soap ad mother actress, Mekha Rajan rose to fame through her performances in Hamam Soap advertisements. She has also appeared in various travelogs, the most popular of which are the Indru series and RPG, as well as a few others.

The mother in Hamam soap ad cast participated in the Femina Miss India pageant in 2000, and she was one of the finalists. Recently, she got trolled on the internet for smoking cigars during a photoshoot. Despite this, she continues to influence many young women.

Mekha Rajan was born to a Hindu family and raised in Tamilnadu. She is an Indian model and actor who takes joy in keeping her personal life private.


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The media knows little about her, including her birthdate or love life. Her hobbies include dancing, traveling, and listening to music.

Mekha Rajani Film Career and movies plots :

Framed (2007) :

Six college students try to play a prank on their Dean, but when the Dean ends up dead, they become the prime suspects. To clear their names, the students need to figure out what really happened.

Ave Maria (2018) :

Rex lived in Velankanni, where he worked as a driver and met Maria, a devout woman in the most unlikely of circumstances. After meeting each other several times and spending time together, she encourages him to take on some odd jobs for her. He reluctantly agrees and as they continue to meet he grows fond of her and decides to change his way of life entirely.

Bioscope (2008) :

Bioscope, which takes place in the early years of the 20th century, tells the story of history as it enters the lives and memories of those alive at this time.A story about villagers becoming mute from colonization and slavery and entering a new vision through a new machine, the bioscope. The story of Diwakaran’s rise starts when he acquires a bioscope. Divakaran buys the machine and plans only to entertain his village friends. However, he ends up becoming superstitious about it.

The Hamam soap ad daughter’s name is Manasvi Kottachi. Read on to learn more about her.

Manasvi Kottachi:

The Hamam soap ad daughter, Manasvi Kottachi is a 10-year-old, Indian child actress who appears in Malayalam and Telugu movies. Her father is Kottachi, a comedian. Her mother’s name is Anjali. She first appeared in the 2018 movie Imaikka Nodigal.


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Manasvi Kottachi Film Career:

The daughter in Hamam soap ad cast, Manasvi Kottachi started her career when she was chosen to play Nayanthara’s daughter in Imaikkaa Nodigal (2018). She gained popularity before starring in Lyca Productions’ Suttu Pidikka Utharavu (2019).

In My Santa (2019), she played one of the lead roles along with Dileep, and she also starred in Darbar (2020). She went on to star in several other films. She will star in the horror movie Kanmani Pappan which will be directed by Sree Mani.

Manasvi Kottachi Awards:

  • 2018: Imaikkaa Nodigal by Edison Awards won the Best Child Artist
  • 2018: Imaikkaa Nodigal by Tecnofes Awards won the Best Child Artis
  • 2019: My Santa by Studio One Star Icon Annual Award’s won the Best Child Artist
  • 2019: My Santa by KalaBhavan Mani Memorial Awards won the Best Child Artis
  • 2020: Iruttu by Vikatan Awards Nominated for Best Child Artist
  • 2022: Paramapadham Vilayattu by Edison Awards Nominated for Best Child Artist


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