Cred Cricket Ad Cast

cred advertisement cast

cred advertisement cast

Cred is a credit card corporation. The company recently broadcasted an ad that has been seen over 34 lakh times on Cred’s official YouTube Channel. The videocast is retired cricketer Venkatesh Prasad, Maninder Singh, Saba Karim, and Javagal Srinath. The group jointly assembled a boy band comprehended as the Venka Boys.

The group wrapped up in white and showed off a Backstreet Boys style. They had a wildly humorous piece that they described, with lines like


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 “If you are one of those Gen Z, you might not know me. Just go and ask your daddy!” and “Don’t forget us because of T20s,” – Words of Song.

Who Is The Actor In Cred Ad?

The cricketers had no sentiment of the development because the whole thing was screened with the green screen background. Prasad said that he had the pleasure of joining with “the old gang.” He said many things along with the line. It felt like “Avengers Reassemble” with old buddies talking and discussing changes in the game and many other things.

Venkatesh Prasad


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Venkatesh Prakash is a retired Indian Cricketer and widely known as Cricket Coach. He retired in 1994. And is currently acting as the Deputy General Manager of Canara Bank. Presently, he serves as a bowling coach for Kings XI Punjab for the Indian Premier League.

Maninder Singh

Maninder Singh, the former Indian Cricket Player, recognises him by his voice. As he is one of the favourite cricket commentators for thousands of viewers. For Bishan Singh Bedi Maninder Singh is considered a hero. Maninder also holds the record of playing most Test games in his entire career.

Saba Karim

Saba Karim presently works in TISCO in the Corporate Communications Division position. He is also a former cricketer of the Indian Team, owning many records for himself. Saba Karim has spoken load time to time with his clear thoughts on topics with different angles like cricket, team performance, and Umpiring.

Javagal Srinath

When you look in the history of the Indian Cricket team, then you may find only 1-2 players with immense records like Sachin and Javagal Srinath. In the complete cricket history, there are only 11 names who took 300 wickets in a career. He has been recognized as India’s Best bowler of all time. Javagal is the only Indian cricketer who accomplished the feat of taking 300 wickets and retired after the 2003 world cup in South Africa.

Rahul Dravid


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Also known by the name wall of India, he is a former Indian cricketer and leader of the Indian national team, presently functioning as its head coach. Before his election to the senior men’s national unit, Dravid was the Head of Cricket at the National Cricket Academy and the head coach of the India Under-19 and India A squad. He has lived upto his reputation after becoming one of few capable of scoring more than 10000 runs in ODI and Test. In Test, he has scored 13288 runs by an average of 52 runs each inning.

In the first cred Cricket cast advertisement, we see the cool-headed Rahul Dravid doing various hilarious things out of his base character, acting as a road rowdy with an angry airhead. He had been stuck in a traffic jam in the scene while spinning the beans everywhere. He had engaged with the nasty verbal clash, then many other things. But the most eye-catching set was when he yelled, “Indira Nagar ka Gunda hoon main.” from the sunroof while swinging the bat.


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Like the first two ads of Cred, the third advertisement also stretches out for 30 seconds. As usual, in starting, they explain the benefits of Cred, then they also show (singer) Kumar Sanu while selling the insurance as an insurance agent with sweet singing. Ex-AIB originator Tanmay Bhat has completed the ads. They have shown some extraordinary creativity with their ad, which also increased their brand recognition without an extra penny.

Cred Cricket Ad Cast – FAQs

1. Who are the cricketers in the Cred ad?

As he is fondly comprehended, Venky stretched his hand at Venka Boys, a boy band, along with fellow ex-cricketers Saba Karim, Maninder Singh, Javagal Srinath, and Rahul David in a separate ad.

2. Who is the actor in the Cred ad?

Starting with actor Jim Sarbh stating that he gets as excited about Cred and its rewards as Indians get about Neeraj Chopra. The ad shows the athlete in various outfits and roles, addressing himself.

3. What is the meaning of Og in the Cred ad?

Four former Indian cricketers can be seen in the ‘OG (original gangster)’ avatar in the most delinquent cred promotion.

4. Who made Cred’s new ad?

Chadha was a software engineer before becoming bitten by the writing bug and switching to a writer at AIB. The new commercials were directed by Ayappa K.M. of Mumbai-based production company Early Man Films. They used yesteryear’s stars and their nostalgic appeal in humorous and unexpected ways for Cred.

5. Who is Prasad Srinath?

Prasad Srinath is one of the former cricketers, has acted as a spearhead of pace bowling attack for the Indian Team. But in the late 90s, Prasad owned a new name as one of the finest merchants with a pace not easy to catch up with.

6. Who funded Cred?

Cred is backed by Falcon Edge Capital, Coatue Management, Insight Partners, DST Global, RTP Global, Tiger Global, Greenoaks Capital, Dragoneer Investment Group, and Sofina. It was established in Bengaluru, Karnataka, by Kunal Shah in 2017

7. How rich is Rahul Dravid?

Rahul Dravid has his fair share of revenue compared with current cricketers. He has served as a wall of the Indian team for 16 years of international cricket. It is estimated that Rahul has a net worth of INR 172 Crore ($23 Million) in total.



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