Cars 24 Advertisement Cast

cars 24 advertisement cast

cars 24 advertisement cast


“Car ko aap dum lagakar test karo. Ghumao, firao, chalao, aur phir bhi pasand na aaye, to saat din mein return kar do with full refund“

Cars24 is is an online marketplace that sells used cars. The company hires models for cars 24 advertisement cast to represent the company through live advertisements shown on news channels and events. Cars24 is headquartered in Gurugam, Haryana, India.

cars 24 advertisement cast represent Cars24. It is was founded in 2015 by Raghavendra Singh and Rahul Gulati, who met at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The idea for Cars24 was born when the founders went to a car showroom to purchase a car but could not decide on a model to buy.

Cars24 is a marketplace where people can buy and sell used cars. The company sells and rents vehicles in India and the Middle East. The company provides a platform where people can buy and sell used cars.

Many viewers of the Cars24 Ad, who have seen the work of female actors in the Cars24 Ad, are searching for information about the cars 24 advertisement cast.

The viewers of Cras24 Ad have been captivated by cars24 advertisement female cast and the cars 24 advertisement cast’s acting. The cars 24 advertisement cast have acted in two advertisements, one for Cars24. Here is some information about the cars24 advertisement female cast:


The first of two cars24 advertisement female cast is Neha Iyer Sharma.

The cars24 ad actress, model, and radio personality Neha Iyer Sharma was born Neha Iyer Sharma on November 8, 1991. She graduated with a degree in journalism. Her husband died, and she has one son. She is Indian, born in Mumbai, and living in Delhi.

Neha Iyer the cars24 ad actress babbles, and it’s a skill she honed over many years as an on-air radio personality. Her words fire out at a machine-gun pace—so quickly that she won two Best Radio Jockey awards, both in Mumbai and in Dubai. But it wasn’t her radio persona that grabbed the attention of filmmakers; it was her modeling career.

Neha the cars24 ad actress, was sent a series of Malayalam dialogues to memorize, and she spoke and sent them back as part of her audition. She nailed her role in Tharangam, including the Malayalam dialogues she had to talk about.

She has only positive memories from her time on the set, which she calls the happiest experience of her life so far.

Neha Iyer is a radio jockey and television presenter who has worked in the Malayalam movie industry. Her work has covered music, news, culture, health, and art. She is also a producer, singer, and the cars24 ad actress.

Neha took her first theater class when she was five years old. She got into radio through the Church of South India’s annual youth camp program. As a child, she danced for Bharatanatyam performances with her mother. At home, she listened to the radio and TV not just for entertainment but also for news and current affairs.

At seventeen, she got her first job in radio when she became part of Radio One FM 89 as an RJ with her show “Horizon.” After that, she worked at Radio City 101 as an RJ. After that, she became an RJ in other private radio stations.

RJ may have been fun for Neha, but she states that live radio was even more exhilarating. Both careers require spontaneity to attract the audience, but neither was something Neha pursued as a job later in life. The acting was a part of her from the beginning.

She appeared in a cameo role in a short movie known as Badlaav, released by Havels and Blush. Moreover, this Keralite-Mumbai actress acted in the lead role in Viu India Internet Collection XYX (2019).


Rytasha Rathore the other cars24 ad actress and among the cars24 advertisement female cast was born in Singapore in 1993 to a gastroenterologist and his wife. Rytasha has a sister, Natasha Rathore. The family moved from Singapore to Mumbai when Rytasha was seven years old. Rytasha’s tutoring practice was located at Cathedral and John Connon School, and she graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with a BFA in acting in 2014.

Rytasha is a trained dancer and has participated in Arsh Singh and Neha Mahajan productions. She has taught in Bharatanatyam, Hip Hop, Indian Contemporary, and street dance with instructors including Naila Ansari, Sujata Mody, Preeti Uppal, and Ravi Dalal. Her dance performances have been featured in Mumbai and Dubai.

Rytasha Rathore is also a theater artist. She performed in Sujata Mody’s play, “Shylock,” an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. She won the Roshan Taneja Award for Acting for her work in the space.

Rytasha debuted in Theater in Mumbai in 2014. She played the roles of Hetty in The Hound of the Baskervilles and Portia in The Merchant of Venice. In addition to stage plays, she also appeared in Rajat Kapoor’s comedic adaptation of As You Like It.

Rytasha the cars24 ad actress, is an actor best known for portraying the character Badho Bahu in the Indian primetime television series Badho Bahu. While growing up, she had always wanted to be a theater artist, but she felt reluctant to go into a TV show because her character was a simple rural girl.

Rytasha Rathore’s Badho Bahu character is the exact opposite of her real life. She portrays a girl from a village with a charming, generous disposition in the hit TV show.

Although she had an Instagram account with more than ten thousand followers and a couple of roles in TV shows, Rytasha proved she could be a lead actress when she got a role as Masaba Gupta’s best friend in Masaba Masaba, which became a huge hit. In 2016, she got a role in Badho Bahu, and in 2018 she appeared in SideHero with Kunaal Roy Kapur.

“I have been trying to lose weight since I was fourteen,” she says. “I have tried everything, but it’s so hard. I have been a vegetarian for two years, but I still have to shed a few pounds. I would love to lose weight for someone other than myself.”

Her first venture into modeling was in an advertisement for a jeans brand. Her parents weren’t too excited about it, she says. “They are pretty conservative,” she says. “They didn’t like the idea of me modeling. They don’t care about my career. They want me to be settled and married.”

In her limited spare time, Rytasha loves to shop and make-up. “I have always loved shopping,” she says. “My mom and I go to the malls together.

Rytasha has had to put on a show for the cameras, but she has enjoyed herself and doesn’t mind wearing revealing costumes and showing a lot of skin when she has to. She loves her weight, even if it does make some people uncomfortable.

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