what is the name of yuvraj singh's sister

what is the name of yuvraj singh's sister


Recently, Yuvraj Singh’s sister name Ritika Sajdeh has been all over social media and news.

Yuvraj Singh’s sister’s name is Ritika Sajdeh. She is the daughter of Bobby Sajdeh and Tina Sajdeh. Her brother is Kunal Sajdeh, the manager at IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd.

She is currently working as a manager for her husband, Rohit Sharma. The couple had a daughter, Samaira, who was born in 2018. Before getting married, she used to work as a sports manager.

Though Ritika Sajdeh was a star in her own right, she was best known for being the sister of former India cricket star Yuvraj Singh.

During an ad shoot about six years ago, Sharma met Sajdeh, who Singh had warned to keep her distance. Soon after, Sharma began managing her cricket engagements.

Ritika Sajdeh accompanied Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan to the shoot. Rohit Sharma was at the shoot as well as a guest of Yuvraj. The shoot was not going well because they couldn’t get the sound right, so they had to reshoot the scene several times.

Rohit Sharma seemed tense and wanted some air, so he walked out to the street. Ritika led him out and got him talking, and he was calmer by the time they were done talking.

He fell in love with her, and they dated for six years before getting married.

Rohit Sharma lives in the luxurious 29th-floor apartment in Ahuja Tower with his wife, Ritika, and their daughter, Samaira, in Worli, Mumbai. Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma’s living room is breathtakingly gorgeous.

The wall holds patterned tiles, and the ceiling is made of wooden scraps. There are a few wall-hanging photos on the wall. Samaira, Ritika’s daughter, often plays with her mom, or with her dad, Rohit, out on the balcony.


Although most know her as Yuvraj Singh’s sister name, Ritika Sajdeh has been a social media sensation long before meeting the Indian cricketer.

After Ritika graduated, she became a sports manager at Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment, her cousin Bunty Sachdeva sports management company. She manages sports tours worldwide while managing her own husband’s career.

The job of a sports manager can be demanding and stressful; however, Ritika spends most of her time travelling to tournaments worldwide.

Her favourite tournament is always the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, although she also enjoys the cricket matches in South Africa and Australia.

She loves talking to the different athletes, learning about their different cultures, and then sharing these experiences with her husband. Ritika believes that all managers should serve as an example for their clients as, after all, they are also role models.


Yuvraj Singh’s sister’s name is Ritika Sajdeh. Here is what we know about her family:

Ritika Sajdeh is the daughter of Bobby Sajdeh and Tina Sajdeh. Her brother is Kunal Sajdeh, who is the manager at IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd.

Ritika Sajdeh married cricketer Rohit Sharma in 2015. Rohit and Ritika have a baby girl, Samaira, born in March 2015.

They were engaged in February 2015. When she was asked about it, she said, “My family has always been religious, and we have also lived a simple life. My parents will be in touch with his parents regularly to ensure everything is fine. My mother is pleased and excited about the news.”

Rohitji’s mother, Anjali Sharma, had this to say about Ritika: “We are a modern family but continue to follow our own set of values and rituals. We have only heard good things about Ritika from Kunal, and we have no objections to their wedding.”


Ritika met Rohit through her rakhi brother, Yuvraj Singh, at a Reebok shoot in 2008. Yuvraj and Rohit had grown up together in Mumbai and trained as cricket players.

Ritika attended Rohit’s matches whenever he played and cheered him on. She wore his jersey to his games, including India’s home matches and abroad. She would scream out his name during the matches, and she always knew her brother would hit sixes when she was watching.

In 2015, Rohit asked her to marry him, and Ritika made a promise to the almighty that she wouldn’t care if she couldn’t watch the rest of the match after he proposed. She was going to marry him anyway. Some months later, they got married.

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