Who rules the world drama

Who rules the world drama


With the recent release of who rules the world drama trailer for the upcoming Chinese Drama, people are searching for Who Rules the World (drama) and Who Rules the World (drama) to watch online.

Let us know more about the C-Drama starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi :

Who Rules the World (drama) is a martial arts drama produced by Yang Xiaopei and Fang Fang, directors Yin Tao and Fang Fang, starring actors Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.


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The story of Who Rules the World (drama) is set in ancient China and tells the tale of Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi, who adventure together.

Synopsis of Who Rules the World (drama):

HeiXi, a martial arts master from his black belt, has been recognized by the name “Black Fox” by the story’s heroine. HeiXi, both extremely beautiful and intelligent, seems to be calculating everything in his life.


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Feng Lanxi is a popular name in the country. Ever since his coronation, Feng Lanxi has made it his personal mission to win the world. Over eight years, he has cultivated the most beautiful flower, Lanyon Biyue, to give to his wife. But Feng Xiyun and Feng Lanxi have lived together for ten years now. They are still unable to cross the language and cultural barrier between them. In a battle near Dongdan, Feng Xiyun is badly injured.

Feng Lanxi realises his love, not hesitating to use all his energy to launch “Xuelao Tianshan” to save Feng Xiyun. He even uses his own face to disguise himself as 30 years older. Feng Lanxi gives up the final struggle for supremacy and half of the country but returns to his youthful appearance with Feng Xiyun’s help. He retires with Feng Xiyun.

The cast of Who rules the World Drama:

  • Yang Yang as Feng Lan Xi / Hei Feng Xi
  • Zhao Lu Si as Feng Xi Yun / Bai Feng Xi
  • Xuan Lu as Feng Qi Wu
  • Leon Lai as Huang Chao
  • Liu Rui Lin as Yu Wu Yuan
  • Zhang Feng Yi as Prince Yong
  • An Yue Xi as Hua Chun Ran
  • Carman Lee as Lady Baili
  • He Kai Lang as Yan Ying Zhou
  • Zhang Tian Yang in Support Role
  • Huang in Yi Support Role
  • Jiang Kai in Support Role
  • Fan Yi Ning in Support Role
  • Zhao Xin in Support Role
  • Fu Bo Han in Support Role
  • Cui Tian Yi in Support Role
  • Andrew Leng in Support Role
  • Zhou Yao in Support Role
  • Zhao Zhuo Ting in Support Role
  • Wang Xin in Support Role
  • Ai Mi in Support Role
  • Wang Hong Yi in Support Role

Characters of the story:

  • 白风夕 (Bai Feng Xi) – a wuxia heroine whose playful, greedy nature shows when it comes to food and whose martial arts skills specialise in the ‘Feng Xiao Nine Days’ style
  • 风惜云 (Feng Xi Yun) – the princess of 风国 who becomes the ruler herself. She will help Feng Lan Xi’ get the world’.
  • 黑丰息 (Hei Feng Xi) – a mysterious figure who is known as ‘Black Fox’ to BFX
  • 丰兰息 (Feng Lan Xi) – the prince of Feng Country who will later become the king. He’ll marry Princess Xi Yun of Feng to form a political alliance between their kingdoms.
  • 皇朝 (Huang Chao) – the prince of Huang Country who will one day be king. He likes BFX
  • 华纯然 (Hua Chun Ran) –the princess of Hua Country who will later marry Huang Chao and like HFX
  • 玉无缘 (Yu Wu Yuan) – of the eight “Hongzhi” (warriors of fate) who will help Huang Chao. His name means “no fate,” which means he can’t end up with BFX.
  • 韩朴 (Han Piao) – BFX’s adoptive brother; he follows her around but is sent away when she returns to rule Feng’s country.
  • 燕瀛洲 (Yan Ying Zhou) – Huang Chao’s general wonders why he was rescued by BFX and liked Qiu Jiu Shuang, but he was mistaken as Qiu Jiu Shuang and was killed.
  • 秋九霜 (Qiu Jiu Shuang) – Huang Chao’s general killed Bao Cheng, one of the ‘Fengyun 6 Jiang’.
  • 皇雨 (Huang Yu) – the younger & childish brother of Huang Chao who likes Qiu Jiu Shuang.
  • 萧雪空 (Xiao Xue Kong) – Huang Chao’s general likes BFX. He is known as a ‘snowman’ & got injured by Xi Yun.
  • 君品玉 (Jun Pin Yu) – a skillful doctor who likes HFX. She ended up marrying Xiao Xue Kong.
  • 白风夕 (Bai Feng Xi) –a playful and greedy young woman are specialising in a martial arts branch known as “Feng Xiao Nine Days.
  • 修久容 (Xiu Jiu Rong) – Xiao Yan, a member of the Jiu Luo tribe of Fengyun Township in Heilongjiang Province, was killed while protecting Xi Yun Zhang.
  • 白琅华 (Bai Lan Hua) – the princess of 白国 (Bai Country) who wants to be better than Xi Yun and is in a romantic relationship with Xiu Jiu Rong.
  • 任穿雨 (Ren Chuan Yu) – A councilor who helps Lan Xi obtain his objectives but is hostile towards Xi Yun.

Summary of The story:

If you can not wait for Who Rules the World (drama) watch online, We have provided the summary of the upcoming C-Drama Who Rules the world drama.

The Dong Dynasty was ruled by 7 states, which used a seal to control the dynasty. In its twilight years, the dynasty was led by an incompetent and weak emperor. As a result, the states became rebellious and powerful. They all wanted to gain more strength, so chaos reigned, and the dynasty became unstable.

This was similar to the Era of Warring States period in ancient China history before unification under the Qin dynasty.

It would be easy to mistake them for each other: Bai Feng Xi is dressed in simple, white robes which remind observers of the pristine surface of a snowy moon. He is praised for his “unsurpassable grace,” an attribute that is central to the philosophy of his fighting style.

He is a master of wushu, which shows in his gracefulness and flexibility on the battlefield. Hei Feng Xi is dressed in dark, flowing robes that seem to mirror the colour of the dark moon, and he is similarly praised for his martial prowess. He, too, fights with a sword, but he fights with dignity and honour rather than free-spirited abandon. Both men are highly skilled combatants.

They’ve known each other for a decade. They like to taunt each other, but they do it because they want to. He’s a master of disguise behind the pranks. She’s a woman in the body of a man, and she fights for her femininity, unaware of her own strength.

A valiant marine and a troubled cop are entangled in the search for an evil secret sect linked to deaths and injuries. They are pitted against a beautiful princess with an ambitious and calculating heart. Her father, the king, wants her to marry, and she has set her sights on the marine. Her father warns the cop to stay out of it.

A power struggle ensues between FLX and HC, who are both vying for control of the resources in the alliance. HC is furious that FLX gave his half of the world to FXY because she was the one who really won the war for him.

He threatens to kill her, but she does not take him seriously. However, in private, she fears he will follow through with his threat. FLX agrees to give HC his other half of the world if FXY marries him.

She tries to insist on sticking to their original agreement. Still, FLX doesn’t want to honour that agreement anymore since he feels like he owes her for helping him win the war with her formidable army. FXY refuses because she does not have feelings for him. Although she respects him as a general, she cannot marry someone in love with her. She tells FLX how much she cares about him and how much they could accomplish because they worked together to fight against HC and protect the alliance members.

However, FLX takes her words as a sign of love, although they may not be meant that way, and forces himself on her by kissing her forcefully and taking off her clothes. Seeing no other choice, she is forced to pretend that she returns his affections to make him stop moving on her.

He realises how much he loves her and won’t live without her. He uses her energy to revive her, but as a result, he ages rapidly. He recovers his excellent health, but she has changed. Because of this, they choose to give up everything and roam the martial arts world. They live a peaceful and carefree life.

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