Vidrohi Serial Cast names with photos, release date, timing, director

Virodhi Serial Cast names with photos


Virodhi Serial Cast names with photos
In this modern world, the new generation pays a lot of attention to historical serials to know about their past. At the same time, old-aged people watch history-based dramas to revive their memories. If you are also one of those persons who have a keen eye on historical plays, Vidrohi is a must-watch serial for you.

It is a famous Hindi serial that covers the story of pre-independence, also known as the British raj. Therefore, it belongs to the genre of “Historical Drama.” The theme of this play is to uncover the exploration life-journey of Odia freedom fighter Bakshi Jagabandhu.

Are you willing to know about the release date of this drama, its cast name, timing when it is aired, and director name? If yes, do not look further. Because in this post, we will explain every fact related to the drama Vidrohi.

So let us get started!

Release Date of Vidrohi

vidrohi serial release date

If a person is interested in a drama, he starts to watch it from its first episode. Otherwise, he fails to understand the story of the play. The same case is with Vidrohi

If you also want to watch this historical drama, you must know its release date. According to the star plus advertisement of this drama, the first promo of Vidrohi was released on seven September 2021.

After the promo release, the first episode of Vidrohi was released on the 11 October 2021 on the famous Indian Channel named Star Plus.

Timing of Vidrohi Serial

vidrohi serial timing

No doubt, it is a technological world full of great inventions. Anyone can watch serials on the internet whenever he wants.

On the other hand, the audience should know the timing of the drama because they can watch it live either on Disney+ or Hotstar.

So the timing of this show is 6:30 pm. In addition, it is aired on Monday to Friday on Star Plus. The duration of this play is approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Director name of Vidrohi

Most of the time, people get an idea about the performance of a drama with the director’s name. Alongside it, they tend to give a five-star rating to a particular drama directed by their famous personality.

prasad gavandi - vidrohi serial director

If you are also unfamiliar and curious to know about the director’s name of a fantastic serial called Vidrohi, do not create panic or rush to explore any other sites.

Prasad Gavandi is the director of Vidrohi . The exciting truth about this director is that it has directed several top-rated shows before Virundhi. Hence, it is not incorrect that Vidrohi will also become one of the top trendy serials in India in a short time.

Cast Names of Vidrohi

Aside from the director, the cast of any drama also decides the quality of the theatre. For example, if a drama cast consists of famous actors and actresses, it will significantly appreciate the audience. On the contrary, a flop cast means uninterested drama.

vidrohi serial star cast

If we talk about the cast of drama “Vidrohi ,” it comprises one of the most influenced actors and actresses of the Indian Showbiz industry. Let us talk about cast names one by one.

Sharad Malhotra, Hemal Dev, and Sulagna Panigrahi play leading roles as Buxi Jagabandhu, Rajkumari Kalyani, Radhamani, respectively.

Aside from the main cast, a supporting cast also helps make a serial excellent. The other form of historical drama, Vidrohi, is presented below.

  1. Danny Sura as Jeffrey Fletcher
  2. Anang Desai as King Mukund of Badamba
  3. Avtar Vaishnani as Prince Mohan
  4. Chaitrali Gupte as Swarna or adopted mother of Jagabandhu
  5. Zayn Ibad Khan as Gadadhar Vidyadhar Mahapatra
  6. Sangam Rai as Tilottama Gadadhar Mahapatra
  7. Smriti Kashyap as Queen Chitralekha
  8. Nikhil Damle as Khurda’s King

Rahul Ranaa, Meenakshi Dixit, Vega Tamotia, Sunidee Chauhan, Krishna Choudhary, Priya Tandon, Jitin Gulati, Saurabh Gokhale, Aftab Karim, Anjum Sharma, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Vega Tamotia, Azaan Shah, and Kunal Gaud are some other names incorporated in the last name of the Vidrohi drama serial.

Production of Vidrohi

Most fans of the historical drama serial, Virodui, wish to know about the complete names of the producer of this drama. Are you also a fonder who wants to know about Vidrohi Producers? If yes, let us tell you.

Subrat Sinha, Dr. Bodhisattva, and Dr. Raj Kishore Khavade are the three producers who make this historical drama. In addition, the production house of Vidrohi is Gatha Productions LLP.

Song & Music of Vidrohi

No doubt, music gives an aesthetic charm to any play. Without music, it seems to be boring. Furthermore, most people do not prefer to buy serials without music. As a result, now, every drama contains a particular piece in itself.

vidrohi serial song composers

Virodhi also has no difference from it. Its music is very excellent and makes people love it. Sargam Jassu and Nakash Aziz design the production of music of drama Vidrohi Furthermore, the responsibility of sound mixing of Vidrohi is Laxman Paracha.

Costume and Jewellery Designer of Vidrohi

It is a universal phenomenon that costumes decide about a person’s class, upper class, middle class, or lower class. Therefore, producers pay a lot of attention to this point in dramas.

According to our reliable sources and social media, Tara Desai, Nidhi Yash, Rachna Wadhwa Malkani, and Ekta Gupta are the three foremost dress designers for the cast of Vidrohi . In addition, jewelry designers are also the same persons who make dresses for actors and actresses of historical drama, Vidrohi .

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Vidrohi is a popular serial in the Hindi Language. This pre-independence drama has a great charm for those who love to watch historical dramas.

In this informative piece of writing, we have described every major to minor detail. You have fully understood whether you want to know cast names or produces. We hope you enjoy reading and have no more queries related to Vidrohi.

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