Sunil Barve daughter age, amey barve, movies, Wikipedia, Instagram & wife

Sunil Barve daughter age, amey barve, movies, Wikipedia, Instagram & wife

Sunil Barve daughter age, amey barve, movies, Wikipedia, Instagram & wife

The showbiz industry is enriched with young and old celebrities. In movies or dramas, some play the role of a nineteen years boy. On the other hand, other work as a 40 years old grandfather. Sunil Barve is a not relatively young but talented actor.

Whether you are interested in Marathi movies or Hindi TV serials or songs, you will find Sunil Barve in any of them. If you have seen any showbiz industry work or not, you may want to find his complete biodata to increase your information.

For providing your desired knowledge, we have described major to minor facts of the life of Sunil Barve in this writing piece. You have to read this entire writing.

So let us get started!

Sunil Barve Age

Whether you are a common man or a famous actor, date of birth is an important event in life. Most friends and family tend to wish or celebrate it uniquely. As a result, most of the groundbreaking admirers of Sunil want to know about the date of birth of Sunil. For their convenience, we have searched and presented this reality below.

On 3 October 1966, Sunil was born. The birthplace of Sunil is Mumbai, Maharashtra that is his hometown. According to his exact date of birth, he has reached the age of fifty-five. For those fans who are willing to know the zodiac sign of Sunil Barve, it is Libra.

Sunil Barve Physique

A fit body signifies that a celebrity can perform his role very efficiently. He fails to become popular among people without maintaining his body posture and accomplishing his position significantly.

Sunil Barve is fulfilling all requirements of becoming an active actor. First of all, his height is approximately five feet and eight inches, and this tall body attracts people to become his fan.

The next point to notice is weight. The latest news proves that Sunil’s body weight is approximately sixty-five kilograms, and both things in combination make his body handsome and fascinating.

Sunil Barve Family

The family has supreme importance in the life of every person. Furthermore, fans are also interested to know about details of a family of their favourite celebrities. We have grabbed information and are ready to present below about Sunil Barve’s family in front of you.

Unfortunately, the names of Sunil’s Parents are still concealed. However, he had an affair with Aparna Barve. Now, he is married to his girlfriend. The son of Sunil is Atharva. On the contrary, Sunil’s daughter’s name is Sanika.

Sunil Barve Instagram

Without a compelling social media account, a celebrity cannot grab a reputation from millions of followers. Media permits them to spread their artistic work or acting skills in front of people. When people like a specific person and give huge admiration, they become a celebrity in no time.

Sunil Barve is a pretty active man on Instagram; a social media handle to take a broad audience’s attention. According to the latest report, he has 21.9 k followers, and his post number is only three hundred and thirteen. On the contrary, his following list stops on the number two hundred and thirty-five.

So, he is a great actor with his strong social media presence, including Instagram and website.

Sunil Barve Career

Sunil Barve has a prolific career in movies and serials as a producer and theatre artist. The main highlights of Sunil’s professional career Sunil are presented below, and you must take a look at the enriched career of Sunil.

As a stage actor, he started his career. In a very little time, he became a well-known person, and now he is incorporated into the popular stage actors list.

Next, he made his debut in Hindi films. Some of his Hindi films are Mere Baap Pehle Aap, Nidan, Tinnu Ki Tinna, Astitva. Moreover, he has worked in Hindi television serials, including Abhi To Main Jawan Hoon, 2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aage, Awaaz, Kora Kagaz, Dehleez. Furthermore, Tea, Coffee, or Me is a Hindi play in which he played his role.

In addition, the list of Marathi films by Sunil Barve consists of Ashi Hi Ashiqui, Wedding Cha Cinema, Aai, Atmavishwas, Lapandav, Sugandha, Paash, Prem Mhanje Prem Asta, Natsamtrat, Aastitva, Sa Sasucha, Tuch Khari Gharchi Laxmi, Shrimanta, Anadache Jhad, Aahuti, Gojiri, Jaml Ho Jamal, Tu Tith Me, Divsendivas, Lalbagcha Raja, Prem Mhanje, Damodhar Panta, Saha Gun, Highway, Deool Band, 6 Gunn, Bhai – Vyakti Ki Valli 1, Bhai – Vyakti Ki Valli 2, etc.

Some of the names of Marathi plays in which he has worked are Baykochya Nakalat, Moruchi Mavshi, Lagnachi Bedi, One Room Kitchen, Hello Inspector, Hich Tar Premachi Gammat Aahe, Hyana Jamaty Tari Kas, Tisre Badshah Hum, All The Best, Ethe Havay Kunala Prem, Kashi Mi Rahu Tashich, Charchaughi, Jhopi Gelela Jhaga Jhala, Afalatun, Asech Aamhi Sare, and Aapan Hyana Aaiklat Ka.

Walwacha Paus, Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre, Asambhav, Pratibimb, Nashib Navache and Be Dune Daha, Grahan, Kalat Naklat, Adhantari, Avantika, Bolachi Kadhi, Chaal Nawachi Vachaal Vasti, Char Choughi, and Kunku are famous Marathi television serials in which he was acted. Masiba is a great Gujrati play presented by him. Currently, he is working in the drama serial Sahkutumb Sahparivaar’ as Satyajit on Star Pravah.

One of his achievements in the list of awards is Rainbow Youth Development Award powered by Rainbow Institute in Thane in 2010. Kalagaurav Award is an award in Arts won by Sunil Barve in 2015.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it is accurate to say that Sunil Barve is an experienced artist who has worked in hundreds of plays, films, serials, etc.

This informative post has explained everything about Sunil that you want to know. We hope this reading has entertained you.

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