Shashank Ketkar Sister,Wife, Son & Height

Shashank Ketkar Wife, Son & Height

Shashank Ketkar Wife, Son & Height

From the Indian to Marathi showbiz industry, several actors and actresses work. Some are old, and others are youngsters. Shashank Ketkar is a great personality who takes part in both industries and proves him a multi-talented celebrity.

Are you probing basic knowledge about Shashank Ketkar’s biography? Or do you have an urge to grasp more knowledge about him? If your answer is not in negation, you can carry on.

In this post, we will uncover important facts and figures about the life of Shashank Ketkar. So, it is time to begin.

Shashank Ketkar Age

Without telling the age of Shashank, our article about the biography of this actor remains incomplete. Are you willing to know about the exact date of birth of Shashank Ketkar? If yes, you will get this information below.

Shashank was born on 15 September 1985. His birthplace is Pune, India. Some fans are curious to know the zodiac signs of their favourite celebrities. Therefore, we tell you that Virgo is the star name of Shashank in Astrology.

Shashank Ketkar Physique

No doubt, internal beauty does not fade. However, in any showbiz industry, physical characteristics play a vital role. For your information, we have given the below measurements of his physique in the below section. So, carry on to know more.

Very firstly, the height of Shashank Ketkar is approximately five feet and eight inches. Next, come on to the weight point. Some research about his weight shows that he is seventy-five kilograms. No doubt, it is a variable quantity. However, it is the latest update about his weight.

If an actor has a perfect body shape, he can grab more followers. Shashank measurements of chest, waist, and biceps are forty, thirty-two, and twelve inches, respectively. Moreover, his hair and eyes colour is black that enhances his charm.

Shashank Ketkar Sister & Family

Whenever we talk about any celebrity, thoughts about his family come into our mind. Sometimes, we want to know about his parents. At the other time, we have an urge to get knowledge about his affairs. Fans of Shashank Ketkar have unexceptional too. So, check the family of Shashank Ketkar below.

shashank ketkar sister name

First of all, the name of Shashank’s father is Shirish Ketkar. Then, the name of his mother is Shilpa Ketkar. If you are interested in his siblings, shashank ketkar’s sister name is  Deeksha Ketkar. However, there is not enough information about his brother present.

Now, let us explore Shashank’s married life. According to reliable resources, Shashank was married to Tejashree Pradhan in the year of 2014. Due to certain clashes, their married life could not succeed.

Then, he weds Priyanka Dhavale in 2017. At this time, they are having a happy life. The secret is that the current wife has his girlfriend from marriage. The exciting news is that Rugved Ketkar is their son who will take birth in 2021.

Shashank Ketkar Instagram

From all social media platforms, Instagram is used widely, especially by celebrities. The reason is that they can grab more fans here instead of Facebook or YouTube. As a result, every actor or actress has their Instagram accounts, and they stay active on them.

Shashank is also one of those crazy people who understand Instagram as a crucial need. His follower list is touching three hundred and seventy-six thousand. Furthermore, he has published eight hundred and fifty-two posts. On the other hand, Shashank’s following is only 152 people.

Shashank Ketkar Filmography or Serials

The true talent of an actor is shown from his acting. If he has good acting skills, he may get a reputation quickly. Shashank Ketkar is one of those leading stars who has a bright career in the Indian showbiz industry. Let’s take a look at his filmography and dramas.

Shashank has performed in four major films, including a one-way ticket (2016), WADA (2017), Aaron (2018), 31 Divas (2018), and Goshta Eka Paithanichi (2020). Next, he performed two plays such as Purnaviram and Goshta Tashi Gamtichi.

On the television screen, his main works are Kalay Tasmay Namah(2012) as Kailas on ETV Marathi, Swapnanchya Palikadale (2013) as Aniket Gaydhani on Star Pravah, Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi (2013–2016) as Shrirang (Shree) Gokhale on Zee Marathi, Ithech Taka Tambu (2016-2017) as Kapil Sathe on Zee Yuva, Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Ha (2017) as Shree Ketkar on Zee Marathi, Sukhanchya Sarini He Mann Baware (2018 – 2020) in the role of Siddharth Tatwavadi on Television channel, Colors Marathi and Pahile Na Mi Tula acts as Samar Jahagirdar on Zee Marathi.

Aside from serials, films, and plays, he is also a part of the music industry. In the album Yaara, he was an artist with the co-artist Deepika Jog in the song Yaara in 2015.

It is an admitted reality that he has taken part in various serials, movies, etc. The biggest point is that he has won many awards due to his excellent acting skills.

From 2013 to 2014, Zee Marathi awards were launched. Best Actor and Best Couple (Shree-Janhavi) awards are gained in the Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi serial by him.

In 2015, he achieved the best supporting actor award presented by MICTA and Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad in the performance of a drama serial Goshta Tashi Gamtichi.

In Colors Marathi Awards (2019, he received the best couple and best actor award for his acting skills in Sukhachya Sarini He Mann Baware.

In 2021, Zee Marathi Utsav Natyancha Awards gave an award for most influential character in his acting in Pahile Na Mi Tula.

Final Thoughts

Shashank Ketkar is a leading actor in Marathi and Hindi showbiz. No one dares to deny his importance.

On this page, we have written all information related to Shashank Ketkar. We hope you enjoy it and no more unclear fact is present about Shashank in your mind now.

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