Sakhi Gokhale family, father, Wikipedia, age, serials & mother

Sakhi Gokhale family, father, Wikipedia, age, serials & mother

Sakhi Gokhale family, father, Wikipedia, age, serials & mother


Do you know the Indian industry is full of bright stars? Some are the best photographers. Others are marvellous actors.

Whether we talk about photography skills or acting, Sakhi Gokhale is a first name that revolves around our minds. In the Indian showbiz industry, she has grabbed a reputation and made her tremendous fans around the globe.

If you are willing to know about Sakhi? You do not required to dwell anywhere. You have landed on the right site. So, carry on reading without any disturbance or distortion.

Sakhi Gokhale Age

Without measuring the age of an actress, biography remains incomplete. Furthermore, most producers and fans want to know the age of their favourite celebrities, especially for assigning a perfect role to them. Therefore, we have endeavoured to provide details about the date of birth of Sakhi Gokhale below.

A beautiful lady, Sakhi Gokhale, was born on the 27th of July 1993. According to this date, it means that she has reached the age of approximately twenty-eight years. Furthermore, her birthplace name is Pune, Maharashtra. If you are confused about the zodiac sign of Sakhi, it is LEO.

Sakhi Gokhale Physique

The physique of a person tells us how much a person fits. Moreover, staying fit has become crucial in the Indian film industry. If a person has a fascinating and perfect body, he or she may get more chances to act in a film or drama.

Sakhi fulfils all the requirements that a famous person needs. First of all, he has a perfect height of five feet and four inches. Next, a point to ponder is the weight of a celebrity. The latest research about Sakhi shows that she has a sixty-kilogram weight. In addition, her body measurement is 34-25-34 Inches.

Aside from height and weight, hair and eyes also make a personality pretty. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair colour is black. Both have a perfect match for her physical look and make her a charming and glamorous lady.

Sakhi Gokhale Education

It is an admitted reality that education is necessary to make a perfect man. An ignorant man cannot walk in the way of progress. The same case is with those people who belong to the Indian film industry. Their education makes them perfect actors or actresses.

If we talk about the qualification of Sakhi Gokhale, she is an educated lady. First of all, she passed her matric in the Sahyadri School. Next, she got admission to Ruparel College for her bachelor of arts. Bharti Vidyapeeth’s School of Photography, Pune, was an institute where she grabbed her degree.

Now, she is getting an education of Masters in Art Curation from the UK. In addition, her mother was gifted a DSLR after her 10th grade. From those days to till now, her photographic career flourished, and she gained popularity as a photographer.

Sakhi Gokhale Family

Family is a great blessing in the life of every person. The personality of every man shapes according to his family background. As a result, most admirers need to know about the family of their best-loved celebrities. For your convenience, we have grasped and presented family information of Sakhi Gokhale below.

First of all, the name of Sakhi’s father is Mohan Gokhale. Next, the name of the mother of Sukhi is Shubhangi Gokhale.

On the other hand, if you want to know the siblings of Sakhi such as her brother or sisters, it is still concealed, unfortunately.

Furthermore, an authentic report demonstrates that she is a married actress. Her spouse’s name is Suvrat Joshi. However, details about her kids are not known until now.

Sakhi Gokhale Instagram

No doubt, in the modern age, the world has become a digital globe. Social media has become crucial for maintaining good recognition in front of viewers. As a consequence, most celebrities prefer to stay active on Instagram, a reputable social media handle.

Sakhi Gokhale has an Instagram account named sakheeg. The total number of Sakhi followers is approximately three hundred and sixty-four thousand or 364k. On the contrary, she has published seven hundred and fifty-seven (757) posts, including videos and photos.

Sakhi Gokhale Career

Sakhi Gokhale has a splendid career in the Indian showbiz industry. No doubt, she started her professional journey from some advertisements. However, she is now playing a big role in many films and serials too.

First of all, her career starts with a Hindi movie named Rangrezz. Her role name was Venu, and it was released in the year 2013. In the one-act play, Dil Dunia Duniyadari, she played the role of Reshma Inamdar.

Next, she took part in the theatrical play whose name was Amar Photo Studio. In the Dil Dosti Dobara, she was also playing her role as Pari. In Pimple, She has played the role of Seema in the year 2017.

Aside from her acting skills, she is also a great choreographer. Furthermore, she has been giving dance training to many students. In addition, she has excellent photographic skills. An example of her still photography is the poster of the play, Laginghai. Next, she has writing skills and has written several articles in Maitrin for a specific newspaper called Sakal Pune.

If we put light on her marvellous achievements or awards, she won an award of Fresh Face of the Year powered by Maharashtra Times in 2017.

Sakhi Gokhale Net Worth

The salary of Sakhi Gokhale is a private fact. People should not be concerned with it. However, we have presented her salary details due to the huge demand for this variable from our audience.

As we have known that she is an actor and photographer so both are her earning sources. According to a rough estimation, she potentially earns one million to five million Indian rupees.

If you still have an urge to know about her exact net worth, you should attach it to this page. We’ll update this section soon.

Summing Up

Sakhi Gokhale is a talented figure in the Indian showbiz industry. You cannot exclude her from Indian films and serials.

In this piece of knowledge, we have published every fact about the life of Sakhi Gokhale. Hopefully, this article proves to be informative and entertaining for you.

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