Richa Rathore Instagram, age and why people love her

richa rathore

richa rathore

When the Woman stands tall, then there may be several entities that force her to push down and, a similar thing also happens to the girl or model, which we are going to discuss today, None Other than Richa Rathore. The model from Shimla, yes from the Shimla of Himachal Pradesh let’s have a look at her Biography and everything that you should know about her.

Richa Rathore Biography

Richa was born in a Hindu cast family on the date of 29th January 1993, in Shimla of Himachal Pradesh,

Richa Rathore age is 28 years

richa rathore age

This 28-year-old girl caught the eyes of the audience and directors around 2016 with just short roles from ads leading her to becoming a Heroine of the famous serial “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha”. This Rising star moved to the dream city Mumbai in the search of work or, you can say a lead to make a debut in Bollywood.

But, got a Chance in short advertisements and short films. As people say living in Dream city is not so simple, she started living in the capital by sharing a room as a Pen Guest in a shared hostel, and during her early days of living, she had to participate in many local events and functions.

After a long harsh time, the Awaited opportunity knocked on her door. And she signed her first serial for the role-play of Mitali and Raj’s daughter Neha Mehra/Babli in the Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya.

Richa completed her Graduation Degree from Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT) at Waknaghat and proved her worth as a student. She knows Hindi as a mother tongue and Marathi as a Local Language of Maharashtra. Not to forget she is proficient with English as she was above any average student in study days.

Rathore Family

richa rathore family

Richa has one Brother named Ankit Rathore and a beloved sister Shalini. There is no information about her parents available to us, but her father has a farm in Shimla where they raise dogs, as children. Her Sister is also cute like her, probably she had a talent for acting but she married her husband and lived a happy life in Chandigarh and is married.

Richa’s Physique

richa rathore physique

Richa has a perfect well trained hot slim body with olive colour skin. But the most killing thing she has is her beautiful face and light brown hair. Having dark black eye colour just adds spiciness in character. Richa says she is not fitness crazy or something but her body weighs around 57 KG and, sexy figure of 32 28 34 tells all the story behind her lies or playful jokes. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 Centimeters.

Richa’s Career Journey

richa rathore career

Playing a role in Bollywood is not an easy task anymore. Several people or entities wait around the gate to hunt down the target for the next fraud like a money sucker. Only people with talent and having compassion can prove their worth through online presence or by catching the eyes of filmmakers through auditions.

The lonely girl Richa travelled long-distance Shimla to Mumbai and lived for 2 years in an unknown city without any fame, nor with help of her parents. living by your rules gives you time to elaborate on the talent residing in you and, for the same reason, she tried for many ads and little roles. As we spoke earlier, she got her first debut role with Zee TV to play the role of Mitali and Raj’s daughter Neha Mehra/Babli.

She is a rising heroine of the silver screen not because she was rich, nor because she was Starkid, this is because she worked hard with passion for concupiscence to increase enthusiasm in the field of acting.

Nowadays, She is playing a lead heroine role in the daily soap “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha” to reach new heights where she has never been. She is also playing a character role in “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya”

Rathore’s Nominations and Awards

Rathore is a fine actress with grinding against time might fill the gaps between her skills and goal but, not today! Richa has neither secured any awards nor nominations for her beautiful acting, or efforts but she will eventually grab those heights for sure.

So, the personalities sitting on the top should become worried about her now otherwise, it will be too late to notice her appearance before she swiftly achieves success.

Richa Rathore Instagram and Social LifeStyle

richa rathore instagram

When it comes to social media, then young generation stars are never back on their feet and, Richa is no exception for that. She is an active Instagram user and always posts something related to her life, or about her role in serials. And you can also follow her by adding another name to her 83K followers list then here is a link for her account

This was all about Richa Rathore Shining Heroine of Shimla, An ambitious girl afraid of not a thing.

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