Priya Tandon Age, Height, Weight, Family, Love Affairs, Net Worth, and many more that you want to know

priya tandon vidrohi

priya tandon vidrohi

Priya Tandon is one of the celebrities belonging to the Indian showbiz industry. No doubt, she is a pretty new addition to acting. However, her acting abilities have constantly been gaining immense popularity.

Do you know who Priya Tandon is? Or are you a fan of her? And are you willing to get knowledge about her lifestyle, biography, physique, or anything else?

If your reply to any of the above queries is affirmative, stay here because your quest has stopped. In this writing journal, you will get a complete overview of the life of Priya Tandon.

So let us get started!

Biography of Priya Tandon

The full name of the glorious actress of the Indian film industry is Priya Tandon, and her tag name is Priya only. In addition, she has Indian nationality. So it is a general fact that her hometown is the capital of India, Dehli, because of her nationality.

According to our reliable researchers, it seems that Priya Tandon has worked in a finance firm. However, after joining of finance firm, she finds herself uncomfortable there. At that time, she shifted her career from the finance department to the Indian showbiz industry.

Age of Priya Tandon

Age exerts beneficial results on acting skills. For example, most young actors or actresses grab the audience’s attention with their impressive personality traits. Priya Tandon is also one of the young actresses of India.

If you want to know the exact age of the famous actress, Priya Tandon, unfortunately, it is unavailable. We have trustful resources and social media platforms to explore her date of birth. However, we are not successful in finding it.

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Physical Characteristics of Priya Tandon

Like age, physical characteristics are another feature that helps get fame to an actress. Do you wish to get details about her physique to be happy because we have presented them below?

First of all, her height is 163 cm or 1.63 or 5 feet 4 inches. Secondly, her weight is 110 Ibs in pounds or 50 kilograms in Kg. Generally, weight is a variable that changes with time. However, it is the latest weight figure.

Furthermore, beautiful eyes have the potential to allure anyone. Priya Tandon has dark brown eyes that accomplish engaging activity very well. In addition, she has brown colors that further enhance her beauty and glamour.

Education of Priya Tandon

Undoubtedly, education is crucial to get rid of the life of ignorance. We also know that celebrities help the government or other organisations to promote a particular message to the public. The reason behind this is that they influence them.

If we talk about the qualification of Priya Tandon, she has gotten a graduation degree in Mathematics. On the other hand, the sad point is that a specific school and college which Priya Tandon has attended is still unknown.

Family of Priya Tandon

In India, most celebrities belong to famous families. For example, Abhishek Bachan is the son of the renowned film star Amitabh Bachan.

When we want to get flashbacks of the life of Priya Tandon, it is quite blank. For instance, whether we get to know her father, mother, brother or still, we have not received any details about anyone. However, we are struggling to uncover her family facts. So stay tuned.

Love Affairs of Priya Tandon

It is quite an awkward thing to discuss private life, such as the love affairs of any person publically. On the other hand, fans are usually interested in grabbing knowledge about the love affairs of their favorite celebrity. The same case is with Priya’s fan. If you are also a fan of Priya, read below about her marital relation.

Her love affair was started with a renowned Indian director named Rudra Anund. The big news is that it has converted into a married relationship.

The date of her marriage is 5th December 2015. Until 2021, they have not had any children yet. However, according to our news resources, they are happy married lives.

Professional Career of Priya Tandon

Priya jumped into the Indian showbiz industry in the year 2014. First of all, she has performed her debut in the film named Bhatak Lena Bawre (2014) on television.

Later, her second film was Moh Maya Money. This movie was released in 2016, and its first trailer was updated on 14th October 2016.

Now, a television series whose name is Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. It is on aired, and she is playing the role of “Sameera” in this TV serial.

Recently She is Working in the Vidrohi Broadcasting on Star Plus

Net Worth Priya Tandon

Sometimes, a celebrity’s net worth decides about the rank of her acting skills in the industry. If an actor is famous, his salary is automatically excellent and vice versa.

According to information, the net worth of Priya Tandon is 55 billion Indian rupees. In dollars, it is approximately 0.67 billion. This massive amount of money proves that she is an excellent actress who earned a lot of acting skills.

The Bottom Line

In summary, it is not an unjust statement that Priya Tandon is a sparkling and glamorous star of the Indian film and television industry. No one has the power to get her place. She has made a lot of fans within a short period.

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