Pandya Store Star Plus Cast

Pandya store star plus cast


Pandya store star plus cast


When it comes to entertainment in daily routine then, TV shows are an individual part of our life, especially for housewives. And to engage this big chunk of the audience, several drama serials and comedy shows try their lame luck but, Pandya Store Star plus cast caught the attention of thousands of viewers on the Hindi small screen.

It is a melodramatic serial. What to say? But even if this element makes it ordinary, throughout the small TV Industry in India. This serial cast has accomplished this feat while standing on many failures and changes.

About Pandya Store Star Plus Cast

Pandya Store is an Indian Television Comedy cum Drama serial that premiered on the 25th of January 2021 and, as the heading suggests on Star Plus. But Star Plus do not own the original rights for this serial the Original Rights are owned by Star Vijay and the Original name of this serial is “Pandyan Store ”.

I know it is not a so-called change but It has nonetheless 7 remakes in different languages including the Hindi remake Of Star Bharat as “Gupta Brothers” and on Star plus.

Pandya Store Drama line up

Pandya Store Drama line up

Currently, the serials closely related to the common man are on the run. This drama is no exception. In the story, Pandyas are a middle-class family dwelling in Somnath city. And it is shown that their only source of income for living is their store named as “Pandya Store”.

Mainly there is only one main character in the serial is “Gautam Pandya” and Kinshuk Mahajan is playing this role with all his might, we will soon know about him and the other lead characters of the play.

The main character is a married man and is the eldest son of the Pandya family. The role of the wife “Dhara” is conveyed by Shiny Doshi with her elegance. She is living up to her role. Her younger brother-in-law accepts her as their mother. Meanwhile, she has to go through terrible situations and finally prove her worth to her mother-in-law as a wife of Gautum.

In some of the other remakes of the serial story, the line-up was modified with a comical mindset but the audience didn’t practise it that much. Thus Pandya store Star plus cast decided to go along with the original idea.

After the Next 10-year gap story again takes some twists in which Dev, Shiva and Krish have grown up as youngsters. And they still consider Dhara as their mother because of her kind-hearted and caring personality. They take care of her more diligently.

With the flow of time, Shiva and Raavi get married against their will in life. After some time, they fall for their life partners. But Dev and Rishita have different roles as they also get married but with their lovers. And as we know until now the Drama Series ends there.

Main Characters

Kinshuk Mahajan

kinshuk mahajan

Kinshuk Mahajan is playing a role as Gautam Pandya. Kinshuk Mahajan is an Indian television actor as well as known for being a superb model. He is recognized for his excellent acting skills on shows like Chand Chupa Badal Mein, Sapna Babul Ka … Bidaai, Afsar Bitiya and so on. He began his career with the Bollywood movie Delhii Heights in the year 2007. even if he seems like a young man in his early 30s but he is old.

Kinshuk Mahajan the lead hero of the drama series Pandya store star plus cast was born on the 17th of April 1986 in New Delhi. He is 35 years, 7 months, old and blessed with twins.

Shiny Doshi

shiny doshi

Shiny Doshi is playing the role of Dhara Gautam’s wife. Shiny Doshi is an actress although she wanted to become a fashion designer but the flow of time changed her destiny. She is known for representing Kusum Desai in Saraswatichandra, as well as Sarojini Singh in Sarojini – Ek Nayi Pehal. In 2017, she also took part in Khatron Ke Khiladi 8. Since January 2021, Doshi has been performing the role of Dhara Pandya in StarPlus’s show Pandya Store.

Doshi made her television first appearance in 2013 with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s directorial television première of Saraswatichandra that displayed on Star Plus, working as a Kusum Desai. But the show stopped in 2014. She is also very conscious of her fitness and performs yoga in her daily routine. Shinny is not married yet but she is in a relationship with Mausam Patel and deciding to marry him soon.

Alice Kaushik

alice kaushik

Pandya store actress Alice Kaushik is playing the role of Raavi Pandya in this Drama serial. Alice Kaushik is another rising name of the small screen actress. She is well known around India for her acting in Pandya Store as well as Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum and Suryaputra Karn.

Alice Kaushik is a sexy and gorgeous girl who looks charming and, people around her says, she possesses an appealing personality. She has a lovely, curvy body with a slim, well-shaped figure making her perfect for her current role in the Pandya Store star plus cast.