After retiring from his career due to aphasia, Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with dementia.

Following the announcement made by Bruce Willis’ family in March 2022 that the 67-year-old actor was retiring from acting due to his diagnosis of aphasia, his condition has since developed into frontotemporal dementia. Frontotemporal dementia, which is frequently identified at a younger age than other types of dementia, can manifest as alterations in personality, difficulty…

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Indian actors in Korean dramas

Indian Actors In Korean Dramas

INDIA-KOREA RELATIONSHIP India is Korea’s fourth-largest trade partner, following the US, China, and Japan. As of 2016, India is Korea’s fourth-largest trade partner, following the US, China, and Japan. The number of Indian actors in Korean dramas has also been increasing. Over the last five years, the number of Indian actors in Korean dramas has…

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"wild stone intense ad cast"


The Wild Stone Intense Ad plot follows Isha Talwar, an executive, who is giving a presentation to her colleagues at work. She suddenly becomes aware of a pleasant aroma. She turns around, and Tahir Bhasin, another employee, walks into the meeting room. She finds out his name from another employee and checks social networking sites…

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7up ad cast actress - shreya singh chaudhry

7up ad cast Actress

Summer is almost approaching, and you may have even begun to consider methods to combat the heat. Ice cream, soft drinks, and beverages are the most acceptable methods to keep our bodies fresh. It’s that time of year when commercials entice us with cold and tasty desserts, smoothies, and drinks. Today we are Going to…

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hazal kaya

Hazal Kaya Husband, Height, Instagram

Hazal Kaya is an especially gorgeous actress in the Turkish movie industry. She is the encapsulation of beauty and one of only a few actresses who is packed with bewildering strengths and skills who never attempt back in examining different ways concerning her impressive roles. She has won various recognition and awards due to her…

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