10 Rare Things You Need To Know About Kashmira Shah’s Age,Husband & Instagram

kashmira shah

kashmira shah

In today’s article, we will see the 10 rare things about a famous film actress of Bollywood Kashmira Shah.

Any Girl would like to become a popular heroine who can make the audience dance with the palm of her hand with beautiful expressions and acting skills. Putting that ideal image of a girl in mind, become the one who had everything in her palm when she was at the peak of her career but failed to acquire an unshakable place in the hearts of her fans.

Kashmira Shah is an Indian model, actress, dancer, producer and is familiar with many fields related to it. Similar to the perfect actress of Bollywood would have, even with all these qualities and glamorous look. She didn’t achieve the fame that she was seeking for…

Everyone makes some mistakes and tries to solve them in life, she also made several wrong decisions in her career but she never loosened her faith in destiny.

Following are the Top 10 things about Kashmira Shah that every fan or foe should know about her.

1.Kashmira Shah Instagram Followers Are Over 450k


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kashmira shah instagram

Kashmira is an active Instagrammer, she always shares about her life and ongoing events in her daily routine until now, she has posted more than 1500 posts on insta, including videos, pics of shootings, and many other things related to her real life. You can also visit and follow Kashmira shah Instagram account to become one of her 450K+ fans.

2.Kashmira Shah Had Two Husbands

kashmira shah husband

Kashmira added her name to the list of actresses with divorce in life in early 2007! Kashmira Shah’s first husband name is Brad Listermann, Who is a not so popular producer of Hollywood, and the name of her second husband is Krushna Abhishek, who belongs to a family of famous hero Govinda. Govinda is a maternal uncle of Krushna Abhishek.

3.Kashmira Shah’s First Love, First Husband

kashmira shah first husband

Shah’s first love was Brad Listermann, we know from the previous fact but, the most interesting thing is they fell in love with each other through online dating sites in 2002. They decide to unite the bond of marriage with the first face to face meeting in one of the churches in Las Vegas. and got separated in the earliest days of 2007.

4.Kashmira Shah’s Age & Second Secret Marriage

Kashmira Shah is 49 years old as she was born on 2nd December 1971 . Shah forged a bond of soul in the Church. No one, not even the family members of both sides knew this fact before the 2 days of the announcement. Kashmira told in her interview that they got married in the same church, in Las Vegas, where she got married first time with Listermann and, as she owns the citizenship of US, she never gets in trouble, while keeping it secret from the public, for two years until the sun comes up in 2014.

5.Kashmira Shah’s Second Love Krushna Is 10 Years Younger Than Her



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kashmira shah second husband

In the film shooting of “Aur Pappu to pass ho Gaya ” Krushna and Kashmira saw each other. In their first encounter, Shah felt the sensation of romance in her for the second time after getting married to Ban. Krushna, who is 10 years old then Shah, proposed to her on the stage of the Nach Baliye Program.

6.Shah Never Become A Mother In A True Sense

kashmira shah childrens

One time in an interview to Times of India, Kashmira Shah revealed the secret that she tried to have a baby 14 times in 3 years but all attempts failed until the morning of 3 June 2018. Although it is also true that she never became a mother in true words, she gave birth to twins through surrogacy. Their name is Rayaan and Krishaang Sharma


7.Govinda’s Wife Sunita Was Furious With Kashmira

kashmira shah and sunita ahuja

There is one Idiom in English that is “More you talk, the more people will get misleads.” The controversy never left the back of Kashmira. Once, she posted a tweet related to her sister in law, but due to a misunderstanding of Govinda and her family, Sunita Govinda’s wife expressed her rage against her. The main reason for bitterness in the relationship is unknown but it started after Govinda visited the Kapil Sharma Show. In an interview, Krushna said that he requested Mami Sunita and Govinda to pay a visit to the show. He also added that the Episode was fantastic due to Govinda’s presence but after the Tweet of Kashmira everything changed.

8.Shah’s Net Worth Is More Than 17 Billion

kashmira shah net worth

According to the Personage website, Kashmira Shah’s Net worth is more nearly equal to 17 Billion US$ even though she is not a very famous actress, but she had participated in Big Boss and several other programmes on TV from time to time. Especially the famous fantasy story in Balvir Kashmira Shah played one of the roles in the serial.

9.Kashmira Shah Is Not An Actor!

kashmira shah actress

Kashmira always found her pleasure in modeling. She never wanted to become an actress but as a bonus, she accepted that role. Shah always had a fondness for modeling career even after giving birth to twins, she never stopped to get the body suited for modeling. Moreover, with dieting and gym, she was able to maintain her body at the age of her fifties.

10.Need Of A Partner To Get Rid Of Stress

In one of the interviews, Shah opened very uncommon thoughts in public related to her stress. Shah admitted that in the ups and downs of her career she easily gets stressed within some time and gets rid of it. So she does sex with her partner to forget about frustrating things and thoughts in her life.

These were the top 10 unseen truths about Kashmira Shah husband, Insta and about her life.

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