Kamya Punjabi Age , Husband & Daughter : Weird Truths You Need To Know

kamya punjabi

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kamya punjabi

Many times in our day to day life, we go through several controversial moments and difficult situations. But when we are at the peak of success for which everyone dreams, you will have to face some dirty truths or many weird conditions. In today’s article, we will see the Top 6most weird truths of Kamya Punjabi, which will make you think being at the top may not be that good for peace of mind.

1.Looking For Something Else Become Something Else

Kamya Punjabi started her career as a model in the hope of becoming Miss India or like any other famous model but her luck mostly never stand out for her as a result, she had to leave her modelling career behind and tried her luck as a TV actress role, which eventually bore fruits and becomes well know in every house in India through the TV Serials at the time like – Ek Prem Kahani, woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki and many more serials.

But there is also another weird thing about her life that is…

2.Kamya Punjabi Is Quite Famous For Playing Negative Role

Being a hero or heroine is always the easiest way to come into the limelight. And most times, Villain seems like a side actor or something similar but becoming well known as a Villain is very hard. Kamya Punjabi successfully played that role and became famous through the villain role from the serial “Sindoora Pratap Singh”. Even now several housewives give reference to her role.

3.Kamya Punjabi’s First Husband And Their Relation Taking Twists And Turns

Kamya has always been famous for her affairs and her personal life.

She had married Bunty Negi, an entrepreneur of New Delhi who married her in 2003 had eventually decided to get a divorce in 2006, but life never stops from turns and stops. and he decided to give him another chance in her life. And she had her first child in 2009, Girl Aara. But with time again misunderstanding emerged in their relationship. As a result, they got separated in 2013 but soon after some time when the reason came to light everyone was shocked as in 2005 the condition going near to divorce because of Nimai Bali as she had an extramarital affair with Sanjay Dutt’s cousin brother. He was a co-star of “Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki”.

4.Kamya Punjabi’s Hardest Time In Her Life

Pratyusha Banerjee was a very good friend of hers. They become very close to each other on the Set of Big Boss. When we lose our nearest person, then there is nothing more unfortunate compared to that. But What will happen if you are the one who is to blame for his or her death.

Similar to that, Kamya Punjabi’s name eventually bounded in the media and many statements also came out to accuse her. Pratyusha’s ex-boyfriend allegedly said that Kamya had accepted 2.5 lakh rupees from her. But later, she denied his statement saying Pratyusha had taken a 2.5 lakh loan from her as a business.

But the Suicide of Pratyusha was the most critical and stressful movement in her life.

5.Kamya Punjabi’s Friends Ex-boyfriend Controversy

As we know now that Pratyusha was a close friend of hers. But the real thing started when Pratyusha’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh sent a notice to Kamaya on the short film “Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sakey ” in 2017. he Objected that this short film was close to his real-life relationship with Late Pratyusha. The film has a character named Rahul this film was released on the first death anniversary of Pratyusha.

6.Kamya Punjabi’s Second Husband and his life

The second Husband of Kamya is Delhi-based, Shalabh Dang, who works in the healthcare industry, both of them have some common things and they both share their life on social media including happy and sad movements. Shalabh Dang is bound in the bond of a lifetime that is marriage on 10th February. For both of them, this was the second marriage in their life. And this was when Kamya had a girl of 10 years, related to this she shared a post on insta and said that Aara was a very stubborn kid and she never listened to her but, the relief as she was listening to Shalabh. They were forming a team to play against her.

These were The Top 6 most unknown truths of Kamaya and Kamya Punjabi husbands.

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