heart touching true love shayari image

heart touching true love shayari image

What is Shayari?

If you are looking for a heart-touching true love Shayari or heart-touching true love Shayari image for your loved ones, you’ve come to the right place. Let us learn more about heart-touching true love Shayari for you and your loved ones.

We all know about poetry. The well-loved heart touching true love Shayari image is just a refined form of poetry. We have seen it in school, university and colleges. We have seen it so many times that we have forgotten what poetry actually is. So what is poetry? Poetry is a type of art that has been used by people of all ages, sexes, and cultures to express their emotions and feelings.

We have everything going on at a breakneck pace in the modern world. To keep up with the pace of life, people start looking for ways to express themselves more appealingly.

A heart touching true love Shayari image is one such way to get that done. Poetry has a lot of different types and styles.

The heart-touching true love Shayari is the most popular and most common kind of poetry in the Indian subcontinent. Shayari is a form of poetry that is written in the Urdu language.

It is considered that Shayari was first used by Sufis to express their feelings and emotions. Many Sufis in the past have used this type of poetry to express their feelings.


The very first compilation of Shayari happened in the year of 1680. Around that time, Man Singh Tomar had written down the first-ever Shayari.

A lot of people are still not aware of the fact that Shayari was actually used by Sufis to express their feelings. To this day, many people think that Shayari is written to flatter a girl. In reality, this is not the case. But in the modern time heart-touching true love Shayari are widely used to flatter loved ones.

The first-ever compilation of Shayaris was known as the Doha. Doha is a form of poem that is written in the Urdu language. Doha was very popular in the time of the Mughal Empire.

The History of Shayari in India

Heart touching true love Shayari image is an Indian art form. It is more like a way of saying nice things to the person you love. It can be a poem, a song, or prose that can be shared with your loved ones.

Shayari has an ancient tradition. The history of heart-touching true love Shayari image dates back to mediaeval times. During these times, Shayari was written to tell stories. These days it is more about telling your true feelings to the person you love.

Shayari is a good way of expressing your romantic feelings to the one you love. In India, many people are crazy about Shayari, and they dedicate their lives to the art of writing.

Some of the famous Shayari writers are Mirza Ghalib, Meer Alif Lakhnavi, Mir Taqi Mir, and many famous poets who have given the people of India a new way.

The style of writing has changed over the years. Shari is now written more like a love letter. It is more about expressing your true feelings and not necessarily a story.

The popularity of heart-touching true love Shayari has increased over the last few years. It has become a part of Indian culture and is revered.

It is no longer just a way of telling stories, but it has become a way of expressing your love to someone.

The meaning of the word Shayari is not the same as what it means today. In the old days, it was used in a very negative way. They would use some of the words used in the negative context, and it would be considered harmful. But now, it is something that is used for a positive purpose.

Shayari is a way of telling someone that you love them and that you love their company. It is also a way of telling them that.

Shayari in Hindi films

With time, Shayari has taken on more than just the Urdu speaking community. Many Hindi films use Shayari in their movies to connect with the audience.

The best example of an Indian film that used heart-touching true love Shayaris and gave it a new dimension was the film Dil Chahta Hai. This film is a story of three young people and their way of looking at love and life.

Another excellent example of a Shayari film is Jab We Met. This film is a story of love between a girl and a boy who meet on a train.

Other films such as Fanaa, Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli, Patiala House, Rock On, Kaminey, Fashion, Aisha, Do Dooni Chaar, and the list goes on.

Here are some heart touching true love Shayari image for you:

“Aayine Tak Jaane Ki Takleef Q Karte Ho

Meri In Aakhon Mein Tum Saaf Najar Aate Ho”


“Husn Wale Jab Todte Hai Dil Kisi Ka

Badi Saadgi Se Kahte Hai Majboor The Hum”


“Najaron Ko Teree Pyaar See Inkaarr Nahin Hai,

Ab Mujhe Kisee Aur Ka Intazaar Nahin Hai,

Khaamosh Agar Hoon Main To Yee Vajood Hai Mera

Tum Yee Na Samajhana Kii Tumase Pyaar Nahin Hai.”


“Zindagi Se Aayi Aayi Meri Ek Thi Bata Hai,

Aayi Dil Mein Thi Aayi Khush Kar,

Aayi To Bata Hai Sajya Dil Mein Khush Kar”


“Tere Gham Ko Apni Rooh Mein Utar Loon

Zindagi Teri Chahat Mein Sanwar Loon

Mulaqat Ho Tujh Se Iss Tarah

Tamam Umar Bas Ek Mulaqat Mein Guzaar Loon”


“Sirf Isharo Mein Hoti Mohabbat Agar

In Alfazon Ko Khoobsoorti Kaun Deta

Bus Patthar Ban Ke Reh Jaata “Taj Mahal”

Agar Ishq Ise Apni Pehchan Na Deta”


“Beshak wo nahi karti baat,

Fir bhi unse milne ko dil bekrar kyu hai,

Unki yaad to ab raat ko sone bhi nahi deti,

Jaane humko unse itna pyar kyun hai”


“Nigaahon mein jabse tum rehne lagi ho,

Mere Dil mein ajib Umange machalne lagi hai,

Jumkar Utar aayi Dil mein Bahaar,

Meri Mohabbat bhi ab Muskurane lagi hai.”


“Ishq Aisa Karo Ki Dhadkan Mein Bas Jaaye,

Saans Bhi Lo To Khushbu Usi Ki Aaye,

Pyaar Ka Nasha Aankhon Pe Cha Jaaye,

Baat Kuch Bhi Na Ho Par Naam Usi Ka Aaye”




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