Everything you should Know about Delnaaz Irani

who is delnaz irani

who is delnaaz irani

People say working in Bollywood requires quite a fortune and a good physique and slim, fit beauty or handsomeness, but these are waste philosophies of failed people or lazy people. Because when we look up to living examples like Delnaaz Irani, those philosophies look like a hollow trunk. She loved her lifestyle and never tried to change her appearance next to her limits.

The 49-year-old actress worked with many silver stars, successfully shining the coin of her uniqueness around the industry without a stop. And who says, “fat people never find love.” which is more or less a myth.

Biography of Delnaaz

Delnaaz was born in the 19s era of Bollywood on 4 September of 1972. Nevertheless, it was not a coincidence that she was born in the City of Dreams in Mumbai of Maharashtra. Today she is 49 years old but still livingly as always.

Delnaaz Irani Mother Honey Irani

Mother is an ideal example of kindness and beauty. Everyone on the earth, whether an animal or a human, loves their parents more than themselves and ideally, this is no different for Delnaaz or us.

Delnaaz’s mother, Honey Irani, married her father, Mehelli, in her early 70s only! As Delnaaz hasn’t enclosed everything about her parents, but during an interview, she expressed her thoughts on her mother.

She said her mother is like a coconut, hard on children’s but still filled with the plump of love from the inside, her full of life, ardour, and passion, and she never failed to inspire lazy people. As she acts like a 17-year-old young girl, that is why Delnaaz Admires her Mother so much.

Delnaaz Irani father Mehelli Irani

Her father died in 2011 before the day of lovers. Yes, her father died barely on the 13th of February. There is not much information on him, but Delnaaz expressed her thoughts over her father Mehelli Irani while remembering his memories.

She said he was a kind and unique person, a man with many qualities like kindness, patience, the habit of working hard, and an attitude of thankfulness and many more. She also added that she will never be able to celebrate valentine day because still the saddest memories of her father reminded her of the day of his death.

Delnaaz Irani and Percy

Delhi in January is too chilly for some, but not for Delnaaz. The actress, in town for a commercial shoot, made the most of her time by eating “chatpataDilliwalakhana” on set. Some say fatness is a weakness or the quality that one should not have to find true love, but that is just another so-called myth.

Delnaaz Irani discovered her passion in the manifestation of Percy Karkaria. During the interview, she told some points that she found interesting to ordinary folks. She said that everyone on the set was cautious of CoronaVirus in the Delhi shoot. In August, when the epidemic peaked, everyone was hiding their faces behind the masks.

During the shoot, everything was going well, and Delnaaz spent time with her lover, Percy Karkaria while travelling to different locations and sets. Still, during that time, Percy persuaded Delnaaz for the marriage, which was no surprise to Delnaaz as she thought of the proper time to confess the love.

But as a girl, she was apprehensive of the future that if she got married to her passion, her happiness might fall apart. But she also confessed that she would marry him around 2023.

Delnaaz Irani and Tanaaz

Silverscreen and minor screen stars’ marriages have always been like a surprise box, when and what news will emerge like Amir Khan’s 3rd marriage. Tanaaz Irani, as we know her now, married Bakhtiyaar, the brother of Delnaaz.

Tanaaz got a divorce from her first marriage with the Muslim actor Farid Kurram because of his selfish reason, and she has a daughter from him named Zayne Irani. After the troubles start to appear in their relationship, Farid leaves his daughter and wife, eventually divorced from the marriage.

Tanaaz met actor Bakhtiyaar on the set of the TV drama Gurukul after her divorce from Farid. However, Bakhtiyaar’s family disapproved of Tanaaz because she was already divorced and was eight years older than Bakhtiyar in starting.

After that, Delnaaz Irani, Bakhtiyaar’s sister, persuaded the family to marry. Similar to the wax, they agreed on the marriage for the wishes of Delnaaz Irani and Bakhtiyaar, and the couple is now quite happy and living a luxurious life.

Delnaaz Irani and Bakhtiyar

When Bhakhtiyar and his wife Tannaz Irani emerged as the surprise package for the famed dance show Nach Baliye, everyone was taken aback. Following that, he took part in another reality dance show, Zara NachkeDikha (2008).

He appeared in the show ZorKaJhatka: Total Wipeout as a participant. In the same year, he starred with Himesh Reshammiya and Urmila Matondkar in the film Karzzzz (2008), in which he played Dr Dayal, who Jalal Agha initially played.

He and his wife, Tanaaz Irani, run their dancing academy in Dubai, TEE & BEE. He also appeared on Doordarshan National Channel in several reality dancing shows. In Yes Boss, he co-starred alongside his sister Delnaaz as the on-screen brother of his off-screen sister.

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