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Who is Danny Sura

Who is Danny Sura

The Indian showbiz industry has its own charm and has touched the heights of glory in recent years. As a result, many foreign people tend to participate in Indian films, dramas or talk shows. Danny Sura is also one of those glamorous celebrities who belong abroad instead of India but work in India as a skilled actor.

Do you have any idea about this film star, Danny Sura? Or do you know about his dramas? Or have you seen particular commercials in which he worked? Or are you fond of grabbing more information about his lifestyle or biography?

If you have an urge from anyone mentioned above, you need to carry your reading activity. The reason is that you will get your desired knowledge in this informative post.

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Danny Sura Biography

Danny Sura belongs to Birmingham, United Kingdom. He has completed his education in the UK. After completing his education, he started to find jobs.

With time, he fails to get a reliable job that suits him. It was the turning point of his life. He revealed that he was not a good match for UK people, companies or industries and moved to Mumbai, India. This shifting process took place in 2011.

After reaching India, he took part in Indian films and commercials. Then, he decided to stay in India instead of going to any other place in his hometown named the United Kingdom.

Danny Sura Age

Age is an essential factor that decides the acting skills of a celebrity. For example, if an actor is young, he can do better acting because of his physique and robust posture. On the other hand, an older man cannot perform well in any role.

Consequently, most fans tend to know the exact date of birth of their favourite personalities. The same instance is with the fans of Danny Sura. Therefore, we are going to reveal this secret to our audience.

The date of birth of Danny Sura is 28th August 1948. According to our current database, he is now 73 years old in 2021. In addition, the zodiac sign of Danny Sura is Virgo.

Danny Sura Education

If we say that Danny Sura is one of the wisest persons in the Indian film industry, it is not wrong. He is a highly qualified man.

Undoubtedly, the school and colleges he has attended are not known. However, he has a degree in Bachelor in Science (BSC) in the field of Study called Psychology combined with Information Technology from Liverpool Hope University. In it, his grade was Grade2:1. Furthermore, his bachelor’s duration was 1999 to 2002.

After completing his bachelors, he took admission to Auston University. He grabbed his master’s degree in Work Psychology and Business from 2005 to 2006.

Danny Sura Language

Languages are important to transmit thoughts and ideas to other people. Moreover, a person who knows more languages can connect with more people. Fortunately, Danny Sura is very lucky in this regard.

As we know, Danny Sura is a British-based Indian Actor. Therefore, he is a native speaker of the English language. He can speak and write well in English.

Alongside English, Hindi is another language that Danny Sura knows. It is a fact that he is living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Professional Career of Danny Sura

Firstly, he made his debut in the movie Joey Boy in 2007. After this starting, he joined Prithvi Theatre and worked in many plays.

Danny Sura began his professional career from Homemade Vigilante, a comic tale, in 2009. In it, he plays the role of Hank.

Then, he took part in the TV series Hustle (2010), and his name was “Syrian Guard.” In the same year, he acted in a short named “Where Is It?” as Farrat.

In 2011, a new video short called “A Normal Life” was released in which he was a pub manager. After it, “Hands of India” is another short of 2012 hosted by him. Spirit of India: The Festivals was a television documentary series in which he was a host himself.

Now, he has put his feet in the film industry of India. He exerted his admiring skills in Main Aur Mr Riight (2014) as Abhay. “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3” was another movie named Sundar released in 2016.

Then he performed a movie, Not Fit (2015-2016), as Neerav Kapoor (Nero 2). Now, the Netflix historical drama series 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 has shown the breakthrough entrance of Danny Sura in the showbiz industry.

In “A Normal Life (2011)” and “Man of God (2014),” he was a short video producer and short producer, respectively.

Currently he is playing a role in Vidrohi Broadcasted on Star Plus

Net Worth of Danny Sura

Do you think it is a pretty personal question? If yes, we have the same thoughts. However, many of the fans of particular celebrities have a great craze to know about the salary of their favourite actor.

Similarly, many followers of Danny Sura show interest to know this fact. Therefore, we have discovered this fact and presented it below.

First of all, you have to know that he is an actor, mentor, coach, psychologist and producer. So he has many ways to earn money for his bread and butter.

After earning from all resources, his net worth is approximately $100,000. Therefore, he has adopted a pretty luxury living style.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this fact has revealed that Danny Sura is a qualified person with various abilities, from acting to mentorship.

In this post, we have endeavoured a complete overview of the life facts of Danny Sura. We hope you enjoy reading the biography of Danny Sura, a famous actor.

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