Dan Yuen, Owner of Mylanguageexchange.com, Has Lost His Mind



This post is just my personal opinion, but COVID has really driven some people off the deep end.

And for the people who’ve been driven off the deep end, there is no punishment too great if you happen to disagree with them. There’s no longer a need to treat each other with any kindness or humanity. People who disagree with them are just flies to be swatted and dumped in the trash.

I want to relay a specific example of this that recently happened to me.

I enjoy learning languages, so I signed up for a website called Mylanguageexchange.com.

Little did I know that Dan Yuen, owner of Mylanguageexchange.com, is one of these people who was driven off the deep end by COVID. Or maybe he’s always been this way, that I don’t know.

But as I was about to discover, Dan loves to ban people from his website without warning, and for virtually any reason under the sun. He is the epitome of cancel culture. If he doesn’t happen to agree with something you put on your personal profile on the website, that alone can get you banned. He won’t bother to give you a reason, your login will just stop working.

I paid for “Gold Membership” so I could send outgoing messages, and had spent a good 30+ hours exchanging messages with people on Mylanguageexchange.com, and had made about 12 friends on the site with whom I could potentially do a language exchange, when suddenly my login stopped working.

Dan had banned me from the site.

What was my crime?

My crime, according to Dan, was I wrote on my profile that I don’t generally wear a mask, unless it’s a place that requires a mask. And according to Dan Yuen, that’s not good enough. The owner of Mylanguageexchange told me everyone must wear a mask at all times, in order to keep each other safe.

Now just a reminder here, this is an online site. We’re not talking about a brick and mortar store where I walked in unmasked. It’s a website that enables people to do language exchange.

Surely we can use the internet at home, without any danger of infecting those we interact with online with COVID. So by not masking, I’m no threat to the other members of Mylanguageexchange.com.

But that is immaterial to Dan Yuen.

Sometimes you see a person walking outside in the countryside, middle of nowhere, nobody within 10 kilometers in any direction, and they’re wearing a mask. My guess is you may have just spotted Dan Yuen.

Or you see people driving alone in their car, windows up, with a mask on. Again, possibly Dan Yuen.

Dan Yuen might just sleep and shower with his mask on. And what’s important to Dan is, if you aren’t doing the same as him, you’re not just spreading COVID. You’re also spreading medical misinformation. And if anyone dies of COVID, you’re responsible because you were unmasked. That’s what he told me. He said I was banned for spreading medical misinformation because I confessed on my profile that there are times when I don’t mask-up.

That was ample justification, according to Dan, to ban me from his site.

I wrote to inquire, “Where does it say in the Terms and Conditions for the website that I must share the exact same medical opinions as Dan Yuen in order to use the website?”

Surely, I thought, there’s no way that’s in the Terms and Conditions of the site!

Well, I was wrong. Because Dan Yuen pointed out the following in his Terms and Conditions:

“We reserve the right to modify or remove any users for any reason we see fit without warning or refund, even for reasons not lised (sic) above.” He also sent me a link to preachy article admonishing me to wear a mask at all times.

Remember, this is happening after I already paid a fee and invested 30+ hours interacting with and finding some great potential language exchange partners on the website.

I was desperate to get my account reinstated.

I begged and pleaded with Dan. I offered to remove the so-called “medical misinformation” from my profile, to rewrite in in any way he desired, to comply in every way he could possibly want.

Nope. Not good enough for Dan Yuen. He ignored my pleas.

Apparently I’m banned for life. He also ignored my request to issue a refund for the funds I paid.

I feel it’s sad that COVID has driven many off the deep end, to the point that we can no longer respect any difference in opinion, or treat each other as human beings.

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