Arvind Vaidya Wife, Age, Salary, Daughter, Instagram – Everything You Need To Know About

arvind vaidya

arvind vaidya

Some say love has no age and the same goes for passion, If one has a passion, then no other things matter at most. Arvind Vaidya is one of the actors, who have the wish driven by the passion for acting and seeking to give smiles to people’s faces. We have known him for his acting skills and his daughter Vandana Pathak. But putting that aside this actor has done more than 100s of films in different languages like Gujarati, Hindi, and also worked in several serials.

Biography of Arvind Vaidya

Arvind was born in the Ahmedabad City of Gujrat. A young man started his struggle through the Gujarati theatre and eventually became the actor to bring a smile to the faces of others. Many of us have acknowledged his taste in this field of work through the movie Khichadi.

arvind vaidya biography

He had also worked for several Gujrati Films and luckily got a chance to display his coin in Hindi Film while making his debut on a Hindi large screen through the film Maya Memsaab. And after that, he had never looked back to move on in the future. Being born in the Hindu religion he is also a religious and sensitive man.

Arvind Vaidya Age

Arvind Vaidya age is 67 years now approximately, as no other Knows about his date of birth, but according to some sources like the personage which claims on this age.


Even in this old age Arvind always loved his career and his work with more seriousness than others which makes him one of the energetic old men currently in the Film Industry.

Arvind Vaidya Height and Physique

As per a typical Indian Man, Arvind is a foodie and he loves to eat several things but he is cautious of his health. At age of 67, his height is 5.7 feet similar to the average person and he weighs 60Kg. But he changes his weight according to his role thus this is not fixed for a long time. He has natural born black colored hair matching with black eye color.

Arvind Vaidya Family


Arvind is a married man living a happy life with his family but, he always kept his personal life far from the limelight. Thus we don’t know about his father, mother. But his wife’s name is Jayshri Vaidya and nothing else about her. This couple has a sweet daughter Vandana Vaidya or Pathak after the marriage with Neeraj Pathak.

Arvind Vaidya Daughter

Arvind Vaidya daughter

Vandana Vaidya also known as Vandana Pathak after marriage, has been doing some great roles in many TV serials and movies, But most housewives came to know her after Vandana’s awesome comedy acting in the movie Khichadi with her father and also she had worked in the Hindi serial “Hum Pach”, and many more similar. If you do not wonder, as we speak before she is a married working woman blessed with two children, boy Yash and girl Radhika.

Arvind Vaidya Instagram

Arvind Vaidya Instagram uses but not so often, As he is an active user not for a long time. He has been active for 11 months. You can follow him from here. Lately, he has not posted anything special. He has shared 7 photos on Instagram for his 14.8K followers.

Arvind Vaidya Educational Backgrounds

It is interesting to know about our favorite actor’s educational background and their grades in school. Arvind was not a shining kid, but just an average student common in class as about his school is currently unknown but he has passed his college life in the Gujrat University of Ahmedabad. And become a Graduate young man.

Arvind’s Professional Journey

The professional life of successful people has always been full of surprises, ups, and downs, But In this part, we will see about his debut, and journey until now with some worthy achievements. Vaidya started his career at Gujrati Theatre but made his debut on television through Gujrati Film Hun Hunshi Hunshilal in (1992), not long after that he has offered a role in the Hindi film Maya Memsaab in (1993), from this point he started his true journey to become an actor. Arvind also worked in Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka of (1999).

From the experience of his long journey, he has accomplished numerous feats but the Gaurav Puraskar by Gujarat State became his most precious award until now in his life. Not to mention most of the people knew him from his skills in “Khichdi Movie”.

Arvind Vaidya Salary

Arvind is a very active and hard-working man considering their age but have you ever wondered how much his net worth is? if you have then here is the correct answer for it. Arvind Vaidya’s Net worth is more than 1-4 Million US dollars, moreover, he gets paid up to 50K per episode.

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