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Premi Viswanath Biography

Premi Viswanath, born on 2 December 1991 in Edappally Ernakulam, is an Actress, television presenter, playback singer, and dance artist. Not only this, she has been a widespread media personality and a celebrity who is very much active in the media industry.

Premi Viswanath has worked as a lawyer and in a private firm as a legal adviser in Kochi. Besides her stellar acting career, she is passionate about art and photography.

She was inspired by her elder brother Sivaprasad, a renowned photographer. She used to accompany him to his assignments. She enjoys nature photography in particular. Before entering the film industry, she also has some modeling experience under her belt.

She is very famous in television serials, short films, and dramas and has received many awards and achievements. She has a reputation for being a hard worker, and many actors have claimed that she is a joy to work with.

Premi Viswanath Career

Premi Viswanath, an Indian actress, started the soap opera Karuthamuthu on Asianet. Premi portrayed a dark-skinned character on one of the most famous soap operas in India, highlighting the beauty of dark skin.

Presently she is a very famous face in the TV serial industry. She also worked in television commercials and has featured in various short films and films.

For her debut role, Premi Viswanath was offered the position of the lead actress in “Karuthamuthu” on Asianet, an opportunity that most actresses only dream of. But there was a catch. She had to go without make-up. Premi Viswanath in Karuthamuthu portrays a conventionally unattractive woman as Asianet’s Karuthamuthu is the story of a dusky girl who is stigmatized for her skin color.

Premi didn’t let the offer go, and she has created a space for herself among established actresses, playing Karthika in “Karuthamuthu.” Best known for her performance in the TV serial Karuthamuthu, she has a considerable fan following. Her popularity and success in all the serials are increasing day by day.

She has also worked in several other shows and films like :

  • Akame (2021)
  • Salmon 3D (2021)
  • Badai Bungalow (2015)
  • Sell Me The Answer (2015)
  • Laughing Villa (2016)
  • Deal or No Deal (2017)
  • Gorintaku (2019)
  • Kuttikalavara (2015)
  • Moonmani (2015-2016)

Premi Viswanath Instagram

Premi Viswanath’s Instagram enjoys a huge 270k+ followers. Premi uses her social media platforms such as Instagram and youtube to post candid selfies with her family and friends, behind the scene shots, and snippets of her acting. She is also prolific at making short, entertaining Reels.

Premi Viswanath also connects to her fans using youtube through live streams. Premi Viswanath’s facebook also enjoys a huge following of 509k followers.

Premi Viswanath Husband

Premi Viswanath’s husband, Dr. T.S. Vineeth Bhatt is a world-renowned Astrologer. Very popular among his fans, he is fondly known as Thirumeni. He was also awarded the ‘world’s best astrologer’ award in 2017 in the Russian Parliament in Moscow for his tireless pursuit of astrology. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, diplomats, and journalists.

Premi Viswanath Family

Premi Viswanath was born to Mrs. Kanchana and Mr. Vishwanath. She was not the only child in the house. She also has an elder brother – Siva Prasad. He is a photographer.

Premi Viswanath’s husband Vineeth Bhatt, is a renowned Astrologer. He was honored with the “Best Astrologer of the world 2017” Award by “The First Astrological Union for the Development and Protection of Human Dignity” at the Russian parliament in Moscow. Premi Viswanath’s husband, Vineeth Bhatt, has a devout following of disciples and fans alike. His fans and disciples know him by the name Thirumeni.

Premi Viswanath Net Worth

Premi Viswanath is a very private person. She has not revealed her net worth. However, based on her earnings, we can estimate it to be around Rs 3Cr – 8Cr based on her earnings through various shows and movies. She reportedly earns Rs 30,000 per episode for her appearance in the sitcom Karthika Deepam. Premi Viswanath owns and drives a black Mercedes Benz SUV.

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