About Famous TV Serial actor Rajiv Kumar

who is rajiv kumar

who is rajiv kumar

Not everyone is a star from birth, nor does every star remain a star forever. We will see the man who becomes a star despite having a low background profile and successfully pursuing his goal to win over thousands of hearts.

Rajiv is one of the supporting actors who help stars showcase themselves, Was born in north India, in Bihar. He is also featured in many TV serials, where his primary income source comes from. Rajiv Kumar is a famous Indian actor who has primarily performed in Hindi TV shows. He finished his acting debut with Viraasat, Udann, Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein and Saas Bina Sasural.

There is not much information about him on the Internet or about his family, but he currently lives in Mumbai.

In childhood, when one saw a dram of a doctor, engineer, superman and many more, Rajiv was setting his goal to be an actor entertaining people. Not only did he see the dream, but he also took steps toward it. He is a student at the National School of Drama. We all know the famous actor of the old Bollywood industry Om Puri, Pankaj Kapur and Balraj Sahni, for their incomparable realistic acting and fame. Rajiv was a big fan of them and wanted to be just like them.

Rajive also worked with famous actors such as Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta in commercial movies such as “Lakshya” as a side actor. And after it, he has also successfully worked along with mainstream stars in projects such as “Chote Jadugar” in 2003 & Thacholi Varghese Chekavar in (1995).

For living, he is also a regular theatre artist. He has accepted numerous challenging projects in his career. he has seen them just as another milestone to become a king of thousands of hearts.

He has been an active actor in the Hindi Television Industry and performed a proficient role in many Television serials and characters. ‘Saas Bina Sasural’ is one of the serials in which he has been noted for his outstanding performance by the audience. He had played the sensitive role of a female character’s father in this serial.

“Sasural Genda Phool” was also a similar serial like ‘Saas Bina Sasural.’ However, in this drama serial, he was seen while playing the role of a friend of the lead female character, but comparatively a small part.

Being blessed only with the rich and charming round face attracted many difficulties in his path because people thought. He would not fit in the role of the poor father in some serials, especially in the famous “Udaan” serial, which was broadcasted on Clours Channel all around India.

But having courage and self-confidence solves many problems from the start. Rajiv’s fascinating role in “Udaan” won the hearts of many viewers, and many people appreciated his work. He has also done small-time side roles in famous crime-related serials such as “Adalat” & “Crime Petrol.” These serials were triumphs of their time and inspired by real-life events

He also featured in popular serials like ‘Zaara Pyaar Ki Saugat’. With creative performance. In the recent time, he was also filmed in the documentary movie such as “Injurious Health’ and is hoping to get featured in another film in the upcoming days.

He is currently working in kabhi kabhie ittefaq se