A first glimpse of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in the upcoming “Joker” sequel reveals her character’s infatuation with Joaquin Phoenix’s character.

On Instagram, the initial preview of the much-awaited sequel to the 2019 movie was released by the director Todd Philips and lead actor Lady Gaga, featuring Gaga’s portrayal of Harley Quinn and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

The announcement that Lady Gaga would star as Harley Quinn alongside Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the follow-up to 2019’s “Joker” had sparked much excitement. Recently, director Todd Philips used Instagram to unveil the initial preview of the upcoming movie based on the comic book figures, highlighting Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix as Harley Quinn and Joker, respectively.

“The Joker” is a movie that evokes a range of human emotions throughout its storyline. At its core, the film is a character study of a troubled and marginalized individual named Arthur Fleck, who transforms into the iconic villain known as the Joker.

At the beginning of the film, viewers may feel empathy for Arthur, who is portrayed as a lonely and misunderstood man struggling with mental illness and poverty. As his life spirals out of control and he faces more and more setbacks, viewers may feel a sense of frustration and despair, as they watch Arthur struggle to cope with his difficult circumstances.

As Arthur descends further into madness and violence, viewers may feel a sense of shock and horror at the atrocities he commits. However, there may also be a sense of fascination and intrigue, as they witness the birth of a new cinematic iteration of one of the most iconic villains in pop culture.

a film that can evoke a complex mix of emotions in viewers, including empathy, frustration, despair, shock, horror, and fascination. It is a powerful and thought-provoking work that can leave a lasting impression on those who experience it.

The upcoming Warner Bros. sequel, titled “Joker: Folie à Deux,” which is scheduled for release on October 4, 2024, will feature the participation of the Academy Award-winning actress Lady Gaga. Specific details regarding the plot of the sequel to the 2019 film, which earned Joaquin Phoenix the Best Actor Oscar, are currently limited. However, it has been disclosed that the film will be a musical production set in Arkham Asylum, with several well-known actors, including Zazie Beetz, Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener in a secret part, Jacob Lofland, Harry Lawtey, and others, expected to join the cast.


Initially, the 2019 R-rated film “Joker” was intended to be a standalone product. However, the movie surpassed expectations by grossing over a billion dollars globally and receiving critical acclaim, including winning the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and receiving 11 Academy Award nominations, with Joaquin Phoenix winning the Best Actor Oscar and Hildur Guðnadóttir winning the Best Original Score Oscar. Subsequently, a sequel was announced, and according to reports, filming officially commenced in December 2022. The first movie depicted the origin story of the infamous Joker, who is recognized as Batman’s arch-nemesis, and starred Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and Frances Conroy.

According to reports, Lady Gaga is expected to portray a character similar to the DC Comics figure Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel. Harley Quinn is a psychiatrist who develops an infatuation with the Joker and eventually adopts his twisted methods. This character was previously portrayed by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad movies and in Birds of Prey.

The Warner Bros. film “Joker: Folie à Deux” is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 9, 2024.

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